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Your privacy-friendly AI Assistent

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Mon Jan 08 2024


Your privacy-friendly AI Assistant

Camocopy brings you the essential, powerful features you'd expect from any AI assistant, just like ChatGPT, but with one key difference: an unwavering commitment to your privacy. Enjoy instant responses with internet access and sources, and create ultra-realistic images, illustrations, and more - all with the peace of mind that your data is secure. Here you do not pay with your data.

Why Camocopy?

Fun AI experience. Freedom without compromise.

👌Best user experience

CamoCopy is super easy to use and has the power of Google and ChatGPT without relying on your data. Unlike other companies, we don't read your chats or train our algorithms with your data.

🛡️Anonymized data

We strive to store as little information about you as possible on our servers. That's why you can automatically anonymize your data in every chat in your browser and have a smooth AI experience without worrying about your data.

🔒Encrypted chats

All chats are encrypted and stored on servers in the EU. All other data we process from you is also stored on our servers in the EU and anonymized. Your data belongs to you.

🚀Subscription-free perfection

Lifetime access and upgrades without the hassle of subscriptions. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our application is always up to date. New features and enhancements are constantly being added.

💰Earn money legitimately online

Camocopy offers you the opportunity to earn money part-time as an affiliate in a reputable way while making an important contribution to global data protection. You can get started right away. We offer you all the tools you need to be successful.

🔍Anonymous and fast Internet search

Ask CamoCopy for anything you want and get instant answers with relevant up-to-date internet sources and images. CamoCopy can give you results similar to Google. Your search queries are anonymized and encrypted.