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Find your brand identity, do marketing with ease


Mon Jan 08 2024


Say goodbye to the traditional, expensive process of brand positioning, often exceeding €50,000. We bring you the same expertise at a mere fraction of the cost. Get actionable insights in just 5 minutes – a quick yet profound transformation for your brand.

  • Input Your Brand Basics

    Quickly submit your company's name, description, and unique selling proposition.

  • Choose Four Archetypes

    Select from twelve classic branding archetypes to reflect your brand’s personality.

  • Answer Key Questions

    Our system analyzes your responses to pinpoint your brand's ideal archetype.

  • Make your brand stand out

    Engage with unique brand dynamic pairs we generate to enhance your brand's positioning.

  • Receive Your Brand Report

    Receive a tailored report with brand positioning, identity tools, and creative strategies.