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Meet Autodraft, Your Ultimate Generative Ai platform for Comics, Webtoons, Animations and Visual storytelling in general!


Tue Jan 02 2024

Unleash your artistic vision with Autodraft: Your AI co-pilot for stunning visuals!

Tired of juggling characters, styles, and deadlines? Autodraft is your creative superpower - the ultimate AI platform for comics, webtoons, animations, and any visual storytelling adventure.


  • Effortless consistency: Forget artistic whiplash! Autodraft's custom-trained AI keeps your characters, objects, and styles in seamless harmony throughout your project. Say goodbye to tedious tweaks and hello to streamlined production.

  • Time-saving magic: Let AI handle the heavy lifting. Generate stunning imagery with Text-to-Image, refine existing artwork with Image-to-Image, and fill in missing pieces with AI Inpainting. More time for the creative sparks to fly!

  • Unleash your inner animator: Master poses with Pose Maker, erase unwanted elements with Object and Background Remover, and boost image quality with Creative Upscaler. Autodraft has your back at every step.

Three vibrant worlds await:

  • Semi-Realistic: Breath life into your characters with hyper-detailed realism.

  • Anime: Capture the eye-catching energy of your favorite anime styles.

  • Comic: Pop your pages with dynamic comic book aesthetics.

Autodraft empowers creators of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a fresh-faced dreamer, Autodraft fuels your artistic journey. Focus on your story, your characters, your emotions - Autodraft takes care of the rest.

Ready to unlock your visual potential? Dive into the world of Autodraft and watch your imagination come to life!

Bonus Tip: Showcase stunning examples of each art style and AI tool in your promotional materials. Visuals speak volumes, so let your artwork do the talking!